Habitat Hero: A Talk with Walt Lesser about Linear Habitat and Hawthorns

Walt Lesser started his career with the West Virginia Department of Natural resources in 1956. Over a career of many decades he facilitated many positive changes, including the introduction of the Canada goose and the return of the wild turkey to West Virginia. He is responsible for creating many acres of ruffed grouse habitat. His love for the ruffed grouse and American woodcock and his positive impact on their habitat is well documented. Walt was an acquaintance of George Bird Evans and, in fact introduced him to many coverts, some of which became famous though Evans’ writings. Lesser is a fan of the Ryman Setters and has co-written with Lisa M. Weisse a well–regarded book on the breed. Walt remained a consultant to the WVDNR long after his official retirement. In this brief video clip from an interview I conducted with Walt in 2017, he describes some policy battles and grouse habitat successes.